Dr Megan Lang
Research Fellow

Megan Lang is a Research Fellow at the Children’s Policy Centre in the Crawford School of Public Policy. She is currently on loan from the University of Tasmania, where she works as a Research Fellow at the Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment. Her research
focus is on informal learning and children’s rights and participation, particularly in places of socio-economic disadvantage. Megan’s research activities involve evaluation of education and outreach programs and refinement and adaptation of child-centred and child-led research methods. Her academic publications include co-authoring a theoretical exploration of child-centred research; a systematic literature review of child-centred and child-led research; and an overview of a children-as-researchers method for a practical teaching journal.

In non-traditional outputs, Megan has created child-friendly reports in the form of accessible booklets and posters to reflect and acknowledge children’s research participation, and to show the influence of their contributions. Other public-facing activities include newspaper articles and presentations. Megan was also a key team member in the development of the University of Tasmania’s free online modules on Children’s Rights and Safety. Megan has a PhD in Musicology, focusing on the role of musical identities in performance and expertise development.