Dr. Cadhla O’Sullivan
Research Fellow

Cadhla is a research fellow at the Children’s Policy Centre. She was recently awarded her doctorate from Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland where she conducted qualitative, participatory research with children and youth in Colombia for peace. Prior to this, Cadhla completed her masters degree with the Centre for Children’s Rights at Queen’s University Belfast, with a focus on conducting genuinely rights-based research with children and young people.  This led her to receive a studentship to conduct her PhD studies with the LINKS team based between Queen’s University in Belfast and Lancaster University in the UK.

Cadhla’s research interests involve conducting participatory, rights-based research with children all of ages but particularly within the middle childhood period (6-12 years). Her research revolves around issues of child justice. Her current research with the Children’s Policy Centre focuses on child poverty and wellbeing, looking at the structural barriers that perpetuate cycles of entrenched disadvantage. Her past research has involved addressing childhood disadvantage in the post conflict environment of Colombia, using creative arts-based methods in educational settings for peace.  

Cadhla has undertaken research with children of all ages from 4-18 years across the geographical contexts of Ireland, the UK, Colombia and now Australia.