New Policy Approaches to Addressing Childhood Poverty

A major focus of our research is reconceptualising child poverty from a child-centred perspective, in order to bring about change.

The major output of our research to date is the MOR for Children Framework – a child-centred framework for assessing multidimensional child poverty. 

The MOR for Children Framework

The MOR for Children Framework

A new approach to conceptualising, defining, and responding to multidimensional child poverty.

Based on our research with children and young people, an extensive review of the relevant literature, and engagement with stakeholders, the Framework conceptualises poverty as having the following characteristics:

  • It is both material and non-material, and has social and relational dimensions
  • It shaped by gender, age/generation, ability/disability, race, and geographic location – as well as by class
  • A binary poor/non-poor cut-off often fails to recognise the situation of people Iiving just above the poverty line
  • It is, fundamentally, a denial of human rights and dignity

When children live in poverty, they are denied basic rights and opportunities, with often devastating impacts on their lives now and in the future.