More for Children

A transformative, long-term, research project with the aim of reducing child poverty and scaffolding well-being for all children in Australia.

The first phase of More for Children is being undertaken in partnership with the Paul Ramsay Foundation and focuses on rights-based research with children to understand their experiences of poverty.

The research will develop a suite of indicators designed to identify the underlying causes of poverty and to inform responses at local, state/territory, and national levels. 

Rights Based Research with Children

The More for Children research team is working with two existing place-based initiatives in regional Tasmania and Victoria. 

Our approach is informed by participatory methods in the form of child centered research workshops allowing the researchers to gain an understanding of what makes life good for children and what makes life tough for children.

Research workshops with children started in late 2022 and will continue throughout 2023. We are undertaking research with 50 children aged between 6-16, family members and community stakeholders in each location to understand their experiences of poverty, in order to contribute to solutions.

Understand Child Poverty

The findings from our research will contribute to understanding the nature of poverty for children in Australia.

Our research suggests that while income always matters, child poverty in Australia is multidimensional. We have developed a three-dimensional framework based on what children have told us in this research, and previously, about how poverty impacts on their lives: the MOR Framework. The MOR framework can be used to understand child poverty and to inform policy responses and services.

It is not possible to ensure the wellbeing of all children in Australia while child poverty continues.

Tools for Policy Makers and Service Providers

The long-term goal of More for Children is to translate the findings of the first two years of research into detailed policy guidance. This phase will be undertaken in deep consultation with key partners in government, as well as community partners.

Reduce Child Poverty and Scaffold Well-being

The long-term vision of the More for Children project is to build a child-centred, rights-based, rigorous evidence base that will allow child poverty to be assessed, measured, and ultimately eliminated.

Only once child poverty is ended can well-being for all Australian children be achieved.


More for Children is funded by the Paul Ramsay Foundation and is taking place in partnership with FamilyCare in
Shepparton, Victoria and Burnie Works in Burnie, Tasmania.